Wheel Bearing Seat Cleaning set

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  • Wheel bearing seat cleaning apparatus with replaceable cleaning modules
  • Module 1: Cleaning the face of the flat surface
  • Module 2: Cleaning the wheel bearing bore

- Drive: ¼" 6-edge for use with drilling machine
- Universally applicable, therefore large vehicle coverage
- Professional execution of the cleaning process without consequential damage to the new components
- Enormous time saving, as the cleaning work with conventional abrasives usually takes a very long time.

Due to the latest vehicle requirements with regard to environmental protection (e.g. Co2 emissions), the saving in weight of individual components is becoming increasingly important. This is why many manufacturers are switching to the latest axle generation with bolted wheel bearing / hub units
(latest example: RENAULT). Another decisive advantage for carmakers, in addition to weight savings, is that factory assembly of the new bolted bearing / hub unit is much faster and less time-consuming.
For the workshop, however, this new system means first and foremost one thing: significantly more time-consuming cleaning work when changing the bearing hub unit. The reason for this is the corroded contact surfaces (e.g. hub to axle beam pic. on the front surface). If these contact surfaces are not cleaned properly, this can lead to an incorrect mounting position of the new bearing. If, on the other hand, the bearing bore in the axle beam is not cleaned properly, incorrect ABS values may result.

Cleaning device for cleaning the wheel bearing seat for bolted wheel bearing systems (GEN-3 wheel bearings).

> Possible cleaning on the face plane and the bore (separated)
> Universally applicable (for steel- and aluminium wheel bearing houses)
> Cleaning diameter (Ø56-106) and cleaning depth (ABS sensor) adjustable