Walnut shell jet blasting unit for cleaning carbon deposits in the engi

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Walnut granule blasting unit for extremely effective & gentle cleaning of carbon deposits in the intake tract of engines. The blasting and suction of walnut granules at the same time gently cleans the valves of all residues and improves the running performance as well as the life expectancy of the components & engines. Equally effective is the cleaning of all components affected by coking, e.g. throttle body, intake manifold, exhaust gas recirculation valves, etc.. Incl. 2 kg walnut granulate

Technical data:
Voltage: 220 V / 50/60 Hz
Max. Power: 1200 W
Capacity: 13 l
Suction power: 0.02 MPa
Dimensions (WxHxD):400x400x540 mm
Weight: 10 kg