Universal supplementary spacer set 16 pc with long screws and washers

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The spacer is used when the flange 6147840 can not be mounted flat on the hub. This can happen when, e.g.:
- The outer diameter of the centering ring on the hub is too large
- The centering ring protrudes too far
- With 15 long screws and 15 washers
- For use with pulling flange 6147840

1x universal spacer
5x hexagon socket screws M12x1.25x60 mm
5x hexagon socket screws M12x1.5x60 mm
5x hexagon socket screws M14x1.5x60 mm
10x washers M12
5x washers M14

Suited for: for 3, 4 and 5 lug wheels for almost all on the market available brands