Universal injector removal set UNI III 9 pcs., manual operation without gripping claw

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  • The injector does not need to be destroyed to be removed

For non-destructive removal of various slightly and modera-tely seized injectors. The impact weight is connected with the injector by means of the joint adaptor and a loosening lever screwed into the rail line connection. The injector does not need to be destroyed to be removed.

Suited for: Universal

9038437 Loosening catch for BOSCH and Siemens fuel injectors
9038439 Loosening catch for adapter 9039432
9038432 Extraction Adapter inner thread M14x1,5 / outer thread M10
9038438 Loosening catch for Denso fuel injector extractors
9038440 Intermediate hinge adapter for removing injectors with a loosening catch & impact hammer
60384431 Slide rail, 205mm long
60384419 Extraction Adapter inner thread M10 / inner thread M12
60384404 Adapter outer thread M10 / outer thread M18x1,5
60390750 Impact hammer Mod.1.35kg with IG M10, stroke length: 45mm, with short slide rail