Glow plug removal kit M10x1 e.g. for VAG

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  • specially suitable for all VAG M10x1 glow plugs

The VAG Glow Plug Drilling-out Tool enables the extraction of defective glow plugs with torn off
The glow plugs of VAG engines are located in a narrow shaft in the cylinder head. Long operating tools are therefore required for the various steps involved in drilling out and extracting the defective glow plug. For these reasons, no "standard" M10x1 threaded bushing will fit in the case of a defective fastening thread, as the bushing collar does not fit into the cylinder head glow plug shaft..

Work steps:
- Removing the center electrode
- Drill out the fastening thread in the core diameter
- Inserting the thread of the extracting spindle
- Pulling out the glow plug
- Cleaning of glow plug shaft and glow channel
- Replacing the sealing-seat
- Inserting a new special VAG threaded tap-insert M10x1