Universal glow plug removal kit BMW M47/M57 M10x1

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  • For glow plug thread M10x1
  • Specifically for these engines developed jig.
  • Drilling out glow plug center electrode and thread.

With special jig N47 for a precise guide for the shouldered drill and tap. This set is supplied in a plastic box with illustrated instructions.

- Remove the glow plugs rests easily out of cylinder head.
- No cylinder head removal required.
- Suited for many models.

Suited for:
4 cyl. diesel engine
120d. E81/87 (’06-’09)
E81/82/87 (’06-’09), 123d. E81/82/87 (’07-’09)
318d. E90/91 (’07-’09), 320d. E90/91/92 (’05-’09)
520d. E60/61 (’06-’08)
Engine model: N47 and N47S
4 cyl. und 6 cyl. diesel engine
318, 320, 325, 330, 335, X3. E83 (’07-‘09)
Engine model: M47 and M57