Universal engine and gearbox support XL Type 2 - long version

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A user-friendly universal engine and gearbox support, which is not a base unit with adapters, but one unit with scissor jack. The hook on the tool is located on the underside of the vehicle directly, or with the aid of the included orange strap. The spindles are then screwed up tight to the vehicle underside therefore counterbalancing the scissor jack under the engine or gearbox.

The engine gearbox support also allows the use with long front car construction, e.g. SUV, van etc..
The spindle driven support allows quick fixation of engine and/or transmission.

more details:
- Max. carrying capacity: 250 kg
- Tot. length: 1150mm
- Tot. height: 100 mm
- Max. lifting height of the Scissor jack: 260 mm
- Weight: 10 kg