Universal drilling guide "MASTER" M6-M10

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For safe drilling out of broken stud bolts with thread sizes M6 - M10. The screw extractor is driven into the hole or the bolt is completely drilled out.

High Performance HARDOX-Drills:
- Suitable for tough and hard materials
- With optimized cutting edge and special, flat spiral angle (135°). Special coating, up to 2 times longer tool life than conventional coatings.
- HARDOX HSS Co5 drills Ø 3,0 mm / 4.5 mm / 6,4 mm

- Ideal for levelling / smoothing the messy break-off edge of the stripped screw.
- Carbide drill cutter: Ø 4.8 x 50 mm / Ø 6.0 x 50 mm / Ø 6.0 x 105 mm