Universal Diesel Engine Compression Test Kit for M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 and M10x1.25 without Test Gauge

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Universal tool (M8x1, M9x1, M10x1 & M10x1.25) for conducting the compression test through the glow plug hole.

Versatile because of the combinations of guides, sealing cones and adapters and so suitable for HDi, TDCi, dCi, CDTi and P/D systems.

Sealing Cone 63° Ø 8,2 mm
Sealing Cone 93° Ø 8,2 mm
Sealing Cone 63° Ø 6,8 mm
Sealing Cone 123° Ø 6,8 mm
Screw-In Adapter M8x1
Screw-In Adapter M9x1
Screw-In Adapter M10x1
Screw-In Adapter M10x1,25
Double Open Ended Spanner
Adapter Tube
Adapter for connecting the Test Gauge with the Screw-In Adapters
Angle Gauge 60°, 90° & 120° for determining the seal seat angle