Special taps set for glow plugs M8x1 / M9x1 / M10x1 / M10x1.25

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Special taps for rethreading and cleaning the glow plug mounting thread in the cylinder head. The special taps are guided in the shaft below the fastening thread in the cylinder head by the integrated guide pin. In this way the thread is cleaned and rethreaded exact angular in the cylinder head. The special taps should be moistened with grease before use. If circumstances demand a very long and narrow extension, the taps can also be used with the tap holder 6041637.

Drive: square
Suited for: universal

60416345: M8x1
60416445: M9x1
60418745: M10x1
60417445: M10x1.25
6041632: Tap Holder
151.2042: Allen hex key long