Injector sealing seat reamer 180° mod. VAG Ø13.5 mm / Ø17.0 mm

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Injector seat reamer Ø13.5 mm / Ø17.0 mm for cleaning the Injector sealing seat for the following VAG Diesel engines:
- V6 (EA896 / EA897 from 2010 - )
- V8 (EA898 2016 - 2020)

In the event of severe contamination If the sealing seat is heavily contaminated or damaged, it is reworked precisely and in a controlled manner with the milling tool so that a perfect sealing surface is created again.
The cutter is operated by a basic unit, which is guided through the cylinder head with a centring cone and ensures reliable machining of the injector seal seat by means of a depth stop (basic unit, depth stop & centring cone not included in the scope of delivery).