Injector retaining screw boring set for M6x1 CDI injector holder

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The fastening screw of the injector holder claw often breaks off when the extremely tight injectors are removed. This tool is used to centre the remains of the screw, bore it out and clean the interior thread in just a few steps, without removing the valve cover.

Suited for: CDI (except A-class)

- 60418255 Tap M6 x 1.0 x 200 mm
- 20604800 HSS twist drill, 4.8 mm with marking
- 60391820 End milling cutter HSS-E, 8 mm with 3 cutters
- 151.2103 Angular pin spanner 3 mm hex long with spherical head
- 151.2110 Angular pin spanner 10 mm hex long with spherical head
- 60391810 Drill-out holder with excenter and guide tube
- 60391801 Drill-out sleeve M6 for guiding the end milling cutter