Hose with 2 Angled Quick Connectors for flushing the cooling system without the heat exchanger

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In a certain VW / Audi vehicle series (e.g., Golf VII), the coolant may decompose due to the inner coating of a steel water pipe. As a result, these dissolved coolant particles clog up the passenger compartment heat exchanger, which then must be replaced. VW states that after the exchange the complete system has to be flushed, cleaned and filled with the flushing unit VAS 531 007. During this subsequent flushing the system can it happen that coolant particles settle again in the new heat exchanger and the new unit fails after only a few days of driving due to that it is clogged up again. A new exchange is the result.

With the bypass hose from Pichler Tools the new passenger compartment heat exchanger is bypassed during the entire flushing process and only after finishing is connected to the circuit again. Thus, re-clogging up of the new heat exchanger by decomposed old coolant is prevented.

Suited for: VW, Audi