Glow Plug Service Kit

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Glow plug socket set
For disassembly and assembly of conventional glow plugs as well as the sensitive PSG glow plug with pressure sensor. Incl. 5 protective caps fu¨r the PSG glow plug plug connection to protect against dirt, antistatic charge and short circuit.

Special tap set for glow plug mounting threads M8x1, M9x1, M10x1, M10x1.25
For re-tapping and cleaning the Glu¨hkerzen fastening thread in the cylinder head. With the aid of the integrated guide pin, the special drill is guided below the fastening thread in the cylinder head. This allows the thread in the cylinder head to be recut or cleaned at an exact angle.

Glow plug shaft brush set 14 pcs.
For cleaning the glow plug shaft before a new glow plug is installed. This step prevents the new glow plug from jamming and possibly tearing off during installation.