Glow plug drilling-out set Mercedes OM651 M8x1 & M10x1

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More than once, the hex-drive of an extremely seized Glow Plug will break off during the removing process.
The central contact of the glow plug prevents the drive hexagon from being removed as it‘s attached to the Glow Plug body. With these tool set, in a few steps, the central contact will be removed, a screw-on or hammer-in drill sleeve installed, and the glow plug will be drilled out by a guided drilling-system.The Glow Plugs on OM651 engine are very hard to reach, therefore, and for the safety of the working-process, a guided drilling system is essential.

- Removing the central electrode
- Drilling out the Glow Plug thread
- Extracting the Glow Plug
- Cleaning the Glow Plug hole with brushes
- Recutting the Glow Plug thread in the cylinder head